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Water Design-Build Council
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WDBC E-NEWS – July 10, 2015

Water Design Build Council

Issue Highlights

  • Need for Funding, Replacement and Changes to the Nation's Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

  • Owner Experiences with Design-Build Delivery Emphasize Education

  • Use the WDBC Municipal Water and Wastewater Design-Build Handbook

  • Introducing WDBC Board Member, John Doller, P.E., 2nd Vice President

Need for Funding, Replacement and Changes to the Nation's Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

The need to fund the repair, replacement and changes of the nation’s water and wastewater infrastructure is a message being pursued through numerous sources and topics:

  • Action alerts and letters to Congressional leaders opposing budget cuts proposed to federal funding programs that give cities and utilities additional capabilities to take care of their aging systems
  • Reports and articles that identify innovative technical strategies such as those that transform residual products from treatment plants to energy resources, which can be sold or used to offset costs and change the way utilities can manage their operations, now and in the future
  • Ongoing conferences and educational sessions by industry organizations focusing on the various financing opportunities for utilities and agencies to use to address their needs for improvements to ensure that an adequate water supply exists for customers 

Practitioners in the water and wastewater industry are truly active in their pursuit to not only embrace change to ensure our systems are financially equipped to be fully functioning– but also to become leaders in how to make these changes become a reality. 

A prime example of where to learn more about these actions is at the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) 2015 Utility Leadership Conference occurring next week in Providence, RI. With the topic of Financing, Funding and Rates, attendees will examine the innovative strategies available in which to accomplish needed upgrades to treatment plants and other project needs.

As an industry affiliate, the Water Design-Build Council is also participating in the conference, with a presentation by Leofwin Clark (WDBC First Vice President and CH2M water leader), on how the use of design-build delivery effectively integrates with various innovative technical solutions and financing strategies for a “Utility of the Future.” We'll report more on these topics next week.

Owner Experiences with Design-Build Delivery Emphasize Education

Next week, the WDBC will release the results of its research study of executives and project managers (with municipal water utilities and agencies) describing their experiences with the use of collaborative delivery methods (design-build construction management-at-risk (CMAR)) for procuring and delivering water and wastewater infrastructure projects. The survey participants also state recommendations for other industry practitioners as they begin to use design-build delivery. 

A strong message throughout the report is the need to take the time to educate all participants to be involved in a design-build project about the selection process, contracting and procurement methods, and integrating best practices into the project plan. WDBC’s Education program, including the Municipal Water and Wastewater Design-Build Handbook, is developed based on the research of practitioners' learning needs.

Moreover, WDBC’s Education program integrates experiential learning exercises to address the specific examples that need attention.  It also defines the needed “collaborative” process to occur between owners and the design-build team. These summer months are a great opportunity to take advantage a program. WDBC staff brings these sessions to you.

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Use the WDBC Municipal Water and Wastewater Design-Build Handbook


Did you know that the WDBC Municipal Water and Wastewater Design-Build Handbook and website have actual case studies of projects – with owner contacts – to help you learn the best practices? 

A handful of these projects include:

  • Cauley Creek Water Restoration Plant
  • CIP Infrastructure Projects
  • St. Marys Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

Download the Handbook...

Introducing WDBC Board Member, John Doller, P.E., 2nd Vice President

john-doller-newsletter-7-9John Doller, Senior Vice President with Carollo Engineers, Inc., is WDBC’s 2nd Vice President and Secretary. With over 30 years of experience in the evaluation, design, construction, and operation of water and wastewater treatment facilities throughout the North America, John Doller chairs the WDBC Technical Practices Committee, is a member of the research committee and is instrumental in developing the WDBC Education and Training Modules.

As the technical practices chair, John has been responsible for guiding the thought leadership process in the development and production of both the Progressive and Fixed-Price Design-Build Procurement Guides on behalf of the WDBC. These industry specific education materials have been exclusively developed by the Water Design-Build Council to respond to the questions of municipal owners as to the best practices to use in the procurement process of design-build delivery – and are fast becoming industry accepted documents. John also actively participates in the education and training program, specifically related to progressive design-build procurement

In his professional capacity with Carollo Engineers, John Doller is the National Director of Project Delivery, overseeing all program management, construction management, and design-build delivery projects for the company. He holds both an MS and BS in Environmental and Civil Engineering from Purdue University with registrations in TX, AZ, MN, and NV. 

Carollo is privileged to be part of an organization that has accomplished so much to promote the proper utilization of Integrated Project Delivery in the water industry. The collective and collaborative work of the Council's member organizations has profoundly shaped the best practices for the procurement and execution of Integrated Project Delivery over the past nine years. This evolutionary process provides tremendous benefit to owners and practitioners alike. We are excited to continue our involvement in the Council and be part of a team that is committed to serving as the perennial organization for helping make the process of integrated project delivery the best it can be.

John D. Doller, P.E.,
Director of Project Delivery Services
Carollo Engineers, Inc.


Download the Progressive Design-Build Procurement Guide
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The Water Design-Build Council is a not-for-profit association established in 2006 to educate best practices in design-build and construction management-at-risk procurement delivery. Implementing this mission occurs through education and outreach, serving in a leadership role as an industry advocate for the value of collaborative delivery for water and wastewater infrastructure projects.

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The Water Design-Build Council stands ready to contribute its expertise, resources, innovation and enthusiasm to the challenge of strengthening our water and wastewater infrastructure.