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Smart Partnerships Involve Equipment Suppliers in an Evolving Water Design-Build Industry

Posted by Roman J. Aguirre, Evoqua Water Technologies, WDBC Advisor Member on Tue, May 24, 2016 @ 04:51 PM

Equipment vendors and technology suppliers are quickly becoming important players in collaborative delivery for the water industry. As technologies become more advanced, equipment suppliers offer a wide portfolio of state-of-the-art solutions with respect to operations, service impacts, and long-term performance.

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Innovative Approach to Remediation System Design Brings EPC to Industrial Client

Posted by Tom Visosky, PE | Arcadis, Design-Build Director on Fri, Apr 29, 2016 @ 03:12 PM

Collaborative contract delivery solutions are not just for municipal clients. Arcadis is providing engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services to improve the operating efficiency of a groundwater remediation effort.

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What's So "Progressive" about Progressive Design-Build

Posted by Leofwin Clark, WDBC President and CH2M Vice President on Thu, Apr 07, 2016 @ 02:40 PM


It’s political season and the news is filled with commentary on liberals and conservatives and... progressives. So what exactly is so progressive about progressive design-build?

Well, it's no surprise, but the label for this valuable delivery method doesn’t have any political meaning! Instead, it’s all about evolving the design-build process to meet the needs of owners that could not use – or preferred not to use – fixed price design-build:


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We Can't Afford to Be Reactive About Water and Wastewater Issues

Why does it take a crisis or public outrage to motivate policy officials to take action on water and wastewater issues? In 2016, the water quality and compliance issues impacting the public’s health and environment – with the crisis in Flint, Michigan, serving as a prime example – should not be happening. 

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A Decade of Progress in Water Design-Build Delivery

As 2015 came to close, the city of Houston, Texas, awarded a $900 million progressive design-build project to a joint venture of Water Design-Build Council member firms CDMSmith and CH2M for the design and construction of a 320-mgd water purification project. The project would expand the northeast plant from 80-mgd capacity in order to meet the demands for water by residents and businesses. Immediately signing the contract, the project teams began work in early 2016.

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"Can I Use Local Contractors in a Design-Build Project?"

A common question we hear is, "Can I use local contractors in a design-build project?" The short answer is, "Yes, you can." However, there are advantages and disadvantages to be considered.

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WDBC Questions Foreign Time and Cost Performance of Design-Build Projects Study

Quite a buzz in the water design-build industry erupted last week from an ENR opinion page report published on January 26 regarding findings from a team of university researchers in China and Australia. Their report, entitled Time and Cost Performance of Design-Build Projects, stated that over half of design-build projects analyzed ran over budget.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Design-Build Delivery?

Design-build provides benefits for both owners and practitioners. It gives the owner the ability to contract with a single entity which bears the full responsibility for the design, quality, construction and commissioning of a project.

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A Collaborative New Year’s Resolution for the Water Design-Build Council

Posted by Leofwin Clark, WDBC President and CH2M Vice President on Thu, Jan 21, 2016 @ 01:57 PM

My work in 2016 started with support on a new program for a terrific client that is all about building critical infrastructure. Together, we’re figuring out the best delivery method to share risk, manage cost, drive innovation and get a shovel in the ground. It’s no surprise that alternative delivery is front and center in our thinking. And, oops, there I go again.

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The Claude "Bud" Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Facility: San Diego’s Water Portfolio Expands with Creative Thinking

Much of California is in the grip of a historic drought, and the residents and businesses of San Diego, as well as its surrounding communities, have longed for a consistent, locally controlled, drought-proof supply of high-quality water.

Their wait is over.

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