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Glenn Barin, PE, PMP, CCM, Collaborative Delivery Manager – HDR, Inc.

Glenn Barin, PE, PMP, CCM, is a collaborative project delivery practitioner with HDR whose perspective on collaborative project delivery has developed with over 30 years of practice in the field. He has championed design-build and CMAR projects from coast to coast and abroad. Glenn has led projects and teams recognized nationally, which includes the Corona Del Mar water project profiled in the first edition of the Water & Wastewater Design-Build Handbook.

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Who are the Champions for Design-Build and CMAR Projects – and What is Their Journey?

WDBC’s 2017 research reports not only on the wider acceptance and use of collaborative project delivery methods for water and wastewater projects, but also that the driving growth in this market depends on a sustainable and concerted approach to education. It further reveals that successful design-build and construction management at-risk projects are structured to encourage improved government regulations, accessible funding, innovative solutions, and arguably the most valuable component -- industry best practices. However, attaining real success necessitates deeper commitments from all stakeholders above the status quo of traditional delivery. These committed stakeholders – defined as project “champions” – are the various organization leaders who embrace collaborative methods and make it their mission to share and promote these practices with others and persevere to improve and drive industry best practices into every project.

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