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Peter Bailey, Vice President for Collaborative Project Delivery, PLW Waterworks

With 30 years of construction experience in a wide variety of areas, including water treatment, wastewater treatment, site development, and environmental remediation, Peter Bailey has been instrumental in the collaborative project delivery approaches for his vast portfolio of past projects. As PLW Waterworks' new Vice President of Alternative Project Delivery, Peter’s role consists of driving growth of water in North America using collaborative project delivery and growing PLW Waterworks from the inside out by developing a new team to support his project de

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Can Industry Partnerships and Private Financing Create Evolutionary Change in the Water Delivery Market?

During the past two decades, this industry has seen tremendous change in the way water infrastructure projects are delivered. Fifteen years ago, design-bid-build was by far the dominant delivery mechanism. Today, collaborative project delivery using fixed-price, progressive, and construction management at-risk methods has increased significantly and, for projects of any size, is becoming the delivery vehicle of choice.

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