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CH2M Hill Employees Contribute to "Water Treatment Plant Design" Book

Posted by Admin on Tue, Nov 20, 2012 @ 05:03 PM

WaterTreatmentPlantDesign FithEdition Nov2012 CoverImage 150x150Within the past few weeks, the American Water Works Association, in conjunction with the American Society of Civil Engineers, released the fifth edition of the textbook, Water Treatment Plant Design.

Our CH2M HILL Water Infrastructure team has long been at the forefront of implementing water treatment projects and incorporating new water treatment technologies with our clients. We were pleased to contribute our industry leadership and water treatment expertise to the textbook once again, helping the water industry to continue to deliver the highest quality water to our communities.

The fourth edition of this textbook was published in 2005, with CH2M HILL authors contributing to the book. This new fifth edition proclaims that it “aims to be the authoritative reference for use by design engineers” to practically apply water treatment unit processes. The fifth edition substantially updates the information on technology advances in membrane processes, UV disinfection, and biological processes, all areas in which CH2M HILL’s experts and project experience track record lead the industry.

CH2M HILL’s water treatment experts were major contributors to the new edition:

Russell Ford and Bob Bergman were members of the Joint Committee overseeing the new edition of the book.

– Kerry Meyer and Bill Bellamy served as contributing authors for Chapter 17: Biological Processes.

– Bob Bergman served as lead author and Jesus Garcia-Aleman as contributing author for Chapter 15: Membrane Processes.

Paul Swaim served as lead author of Chapter 12: Ultraviolet Disinfection.

Joe Nattress was contributing author for Chapter 29: Design Reliability Features.

– Ken Thompson and Dale Gabel were contributing authors for Chapter 32: Water System Security and Preparedness.

In addition, the following CH2M HILL experts contributed as peer reviewers for other chapters of the text, including:

– Paul Swaim – Chapter 3: Master Planning and Treatment Process Selection

– Russell Ford – Chapter 6: Aeration and Air Stripping; Chapter 9: High-Rate Granular Media Filtration; and Chapter 16: Activated Carbon Adsorption Processes

– Bob Gatton – Chapter 5: Intake Facilities

Tony Myers Chapter 13: Precipitative Softening

The text can be ordered from AWWA here.

This article has been republished with permission by CH2M Hill. To view the original article, visit CH2M Hill's blog here.

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