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WDBC Seeks Information about Federal Design-Build Delivery Projects

Posted by Admin on Tue, Jun 23, 2015 @ 11:00 AM

In furthering its ongoing research program, the Water Design-Build Council (WDBC) is seeking information identifying any type of federal project that has specifically used progressive design-build as its delivery method. 

Support the Understanding of Procurement Types

The WDBC, which produced the 2012 Procurement Guide for Progressive Design-Build Delivery (for municipalities), is also updating these documents.  Obtaining this information will support WDBC’s work relative to understanding the complexities of the various procurement types of government entities, and will help us to create useful, relevant educational and informative documents.  Any information should be sent to the WDBC at info@waterdesignbuild.org, or by contacting the office at 410-798-0842.


Download the Progressive Design-Build Procurement Guide

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