Construction Management At-Risk Procurement Guide

The WDBC Construction Management At-Risk (CMAR) Procurement Guide gives owners a specific framework with model documents, based on the water/wastewater industry’s best practices, for use in procuring CMAR services. This guide is currently only available to municipal water/wastewater facility owners, regulatory agencies, and WDBC member and advisor firms.

This 3-volume guide includes:

  • Construction Management at-Risk Procurement Guide Overview – W-3100 (2016)

  •  Construction Management at-Risk Procurement Guide – Two-Step Process – Step 1 – RFQ – W-3200 (2016)

  •  Construction Management at-Risk Procurement Guide – RFP Process – W-3300 (2016)

Also available now: Updated 2016 Progressive Design-Build Procurement Guide

Based on feedback and input from owners and industry practitioners in using the PDB Procurement Guide, updates on its use have been made to the RFQ and RFP documents.

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