SCADA System Replacement Project (CA)

Roseville Department of Environmental Utilities

TESCO Controls, Inc. - Fixed-Price Design-Build

BRWTP - General - Site Visit 2015-06 - LL (55)

To meet the demands of their growing community, Roseville Department of Environment Utilities (DEU) expanded its water and wastewater infrastructure multiple times. Expansions included updates to their SCADA systems, however the updates were added to technologies that were first installed in 1991 and were divided between multiple independent control systems and software platforms. Roseville DEU recognized that updating and centralizing their controls would improve operational effectiveness and visibility into operations. It would also add a vital component — advanced cyber security in the system architecture. Following a master plan and preliminary (60%) design developed by Jacobs, Roseville set out to replace their systems with a unified solution.


Download the Water Design-Build Council's project spotlight to learn more about this project, including: 

  • How the collaborative-delivery approach provided better communication and reduced risks
  • The security plan that was aligned with Department of Homeland Security recommendations
  • The many benefits Roseville DEU achieved such as improved operational effectiveness, tighter security, and time and cost savings

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