Richmond Wet Weather Storage Facility (CA)

City of Richmond Water Resource Recovery Department

Carollo Engineers

Hybrid Progressive Design-Build


Richmod TankDue to the schedule constraint and the desire to have input on design elements, the City of Richmond elected to use a collaborative delivery approach. Carollo Engineers designed and constructed a wet weather storage system that would be tied in to the main plant influent line just upstream from the wastewater treatment plant.


Download the Water Design-Build Council's project spotlight to learn more about this project, including: 

  • How Carollo dealt with the following challenges:
    • The Bay Keeper’s settlement included large penalties for not meeting a difficult schedule.
    • The main sewer influent pipe was believed to be approximately 50 feet below grade beneath poor bay peat type soils.
    • Operations of the plant could not be impeded during new construction.
    • The system is planned to operate just 7-10 times per year.
    • There were significant local and minority business requirements that needed to be incorporated into the procurement.

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