A Successful Collaborative Achievement – Using PDB to Expand and Upgrade Rockville, CT, Valued and Historic Water Treatment Plant

AECOM, Rockville, CT

Rockville WTP D-B_AECOM-1.jpgThe original 6 mgd Rockville, Connecticut, Water Treatment Plant, located in the north central part of the state, is the oldest surface water treatment plant which has grown to serve more than 36,000 customers. Now after more than 45 years of continuous and quality service, the plant’s owner, the Connecticut Water Company, determined that new infrastructure was needed to enhance treatment, increase maximum capacity to 9 mgd, and produce greater operating efficiency and reliability for the residents and businesses.

The expanded and upgraded treatment processes at Rockville Water Treatment Plant now provide an improved quality and reliable water supply source that will meet the current and planned future water needs of up to 90,000 residential and business customers for the 50-year planning period mandated by the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

Download the Water Design-Build Council's project spotlight to learn more about AECOM's successes including:

  • Strong collaborative process occurring between AECOM, subcontractors and the Connecticut Water teams
  • How they successfully replaced the outdated technology & constructed new systems to achieve an expanded capacity of 9 MGD
  • How they managed to keep the project on schedule and within budget despite scope modifications

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