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Water Design-Build Council
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WDBC E-NEWS – August 6, 2015

Water Design Build Council

Issue Highlights

  • Understanding Risk Allocation

  • CDM Smith's Success at the Stonington, Connecticut Water Pollution Facility

  • Comprehensive List of Educational Resources

  • WDBC Education/Training Sessions

Understanding Risk Allocation

Understanding the equitable role that the risk allocation process has within a design-build delivery model is one of the most frequent questions raised in WDBC’s education sessions. The reason appears to be that the collaborative process of risk allocation is either overlooked or ignored. WDBC’s education program focuses on addressing these ambiguities, with a specific session allocated to the topic of risk allocation, as well as one on how to organize the risk allocation process. 

An example of how risk is allocated between utilities and design-builders was cited in our last E-news, which featured WDBC’s presentation (by 1st Vice President, Leofwin Clark) at the NACWA Annual Conference. The messages in the presentation reinforced the fact that the use of design-build delivery methods are integral procurement options for U.S. utilities that are engaged in becoming a “Utility of the Future (UOTF).” The highly important “take-away message” from this presentation is that, “when all parties are collaboratively working together within this context, risk allocation is effectively managed, which is also a fundamental part of the UOTF vision and blueprint."

stonignton_spotlight_coverCDM Smith's Success at the Stonington, Connecticut Water Pollution Facility

This week’s member project , spotlighting CDM Smith's work on the Stonington Connecticut Water Pollution Facility, further illustrates how the collaborative process that occurs within design-build delivery effectively allocates and shares risk to a financially successful conclusion for both parties.


Comprehensive List of Educational Resouces

Want to learn about other successful design-build projects for water/wastewater infrastructure?  Go to the WDBC website: It’s the only location where a comprehensive library of educational resources exists.

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WDBC Education/Training Sessions

There is another option: Schedule an education/training session for your organization or a collective group within your region. WDBC's trainers not only provide examples of successful design-build projects throughout the session, but they also help to explain the different roles and responsibilities that take place during a project.

Some of our current sessions focus on topics such as: 

  • Design-Build Delivery Methods for Water Infrastructure Projects
  • Organizational Readiness for Design-Build Projects
  • Risk, Liability and Contracting for Design-Build Water Infrastructure Projects
  • Procurement Methods for Design-Build Water Infrastructure Projects
  • Managing the Transition and Commissioning Process for Design-Build Water Infrastructure Projects
  • Planning, Procurement and Managing a Design-Build Project

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The Water Design-Build Council is a not-for-profit association established in 2006 to educate best practices in design-build and construction management-at-risk procurement delivery. Implementing this mission occurs through education and outreach, serving in a leadership role as an industry advocate for the value of collaborative delivery for water and wastewater infrastructure projects.

Member Companies

The Water Design-Build Council stands ready to contribute its expertise, resources, innovation and enthusiasm to the challenge of strengthening our water and wastewater infrastructure.