5th Edition Water and Wastewater Design-Build Handbook


Since its first edition in 2008, and through four subsequent updates, the Water Design-Build Council’s Water and Wastewater Design-Build Handbook guides users on a step-by-step basis through the best practices for procuring, designing, and building public and private water or wastewater projects. 

The handbook’s chapters are specifically structured to take an organization through the fundamental steps of making decisions on the collaborative-delivery model, procurement, management, and implementation processes. DBIA’s best practices are used to reinforce the overall principles and guidance provided within the chapter topics.



What the new 5th Edition of the Water and Wastewater Design-Build Handbook Includes:

  • Deciding to Implement a Collaborative-Delivery Project - Includes discussion on the use of an owner advisor
  • Principles and Best Practices of Collaborative Delivery - Descriptions of the different collaborative-delivery methods and a decision-making model
  • Risk Management and Contracts - Updated graphics illustrate the allocation of various risks
  • Conducting the Procurement Process - Incorporates information from the WDBC's PDB, FPDB, and CMAR Procurement Guides
  • Managing and Implementing Collaborative-Delivery Projects - Covers team structure, developing a collaborative working environment, and implementing a project management plan
  • Getting to Project Completion and Transition - A roadmap for a project's final stages
  • Public-Private Partnerships - Focuses on the fundamental terms, concepts, and applications in the water/wastewater sector
  • Over 30 project case studies highlighting successful collaborative-delivery projects by WDBC members
  • An expanded glossary and list of references for additional information

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