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Kristine Thorpe, Corporate Business Development Manager for Flatiron Constructors' U.S. Water Group and WDBC Communications Committee Member

Kristine Thorpe has 19 years as a business development professional with the majority of her career focused in the water and environment sector. She has worked in the design, environmental, and construction industries, including in her current role as Corporate Business Development Manager for Flatiron Constructors’ U.S. Water Group.

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Addressing the Craft Labor Shortage

“Can we fix it? Yes, we can!”

If you raised a child in the early 2000s you may be hearing the enthusiastic proclamation from the popular animated children’s series Bob the Builder echoing in your ears at this very moment. The series featured Bob, the resident builder, his partners, and a fleet of talking yellow iron. Bob the Builder was my daughter’s favorite show – her favorite character was Scoop, a backhoe loader, or an “I-Dig-Dirt,” as she called it. As a descendant of a proud line of craft laborers including legacy carpenters, crane operators, and yes, even a large backhoe operator, I entertained the thought that maybe, just maybe, my daughter might land in the construction industry, spurred by her admiration of the determined and optimistic Bob and his talking fleet of yellow iron.

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