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Vincent Hart, PE, Executive Vice President, Carollo

Vincent Hart, PE, an Executive Vice President with Carollo, has 25 years of experience in planning, design, and expansion of water supply, water treatment, and water distribution facilities. He has been involved with multiple bench and pilot studies involving design and expansion of water treatment facilities, including ultraviolet (UV) disinfection, and has written various publications and given presentations on the subject. Mr. Hart has served as water supply engineer for design and operation of pilot plant facilities and water treatment plant expansion projects. His areas of expertise include pilot plant design and operation, water treatment plant design and operation, membrane filtration facilities, and UV disinfection for drinking water.

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Progressive Design-Build Delivery Provides Design and Construction Flexibility for the City of Clifton, Colorado

Posted by Vincent Hart, PE, Executive Vice President, Carollo on Fri, Dec 21, 2018 @ 09:00 AM

When the City of Clifton, Colorado's, conventional water treatment system was no longer able to cost effectively treat their source water, it became necessary to purchase more expensive potable water from an outside supplier. To minimize the impact of the higher water cost to their ratepayers, the City determined an upgrade of their existing treatment system was necessary. When it was time to implement this upgrade, the City knew they needed to balance a number of key objectives, primary among these was to continue to supply their customers with a reliable source of potable water during construction of the project.

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