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Project Spotlight: Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

Posted by Admin on Fri, May 02, 2014 @ 09:49 AM

When regulatory limits for E.coli were placed on the wastewater treatment plant for a Midwestern manufacturing company, the company turned to Water Design-Build Council member Black & Veatch, which maintains a long history of assisting with the client’s wastewater treatment needs. While working on a solution to the regulatory issues, Black & Veatch identified the potential for a fast-track, design-build delivery of an alternate process to help meet the tight permit compliance schedule and significantly improve wastewater effluent quality.

In a planned conversion of the professional services contract to a design-build project, Black & Veatch is performing complete engineering, procurement and construction of an addition to the company’s 2-million-gallons-per-day wastewater treatment facility. The plant will feature advanced membrane technology for the treatment of high-strength industrial wastewater. Membrane bio-reactor (MBR) technology will be employed downstream of the existing secondary treatment process.

Prior to initial design, Black & Veatch conducted a pilot study to demonstrate the applicability of membrane technology for E. coli removal, a process that has previously shown to provide for higher quality effluent than traditional treatment methods. Following the test, and approval by the state regulatory agency, the MBR process was selected.

Extensive pre-planning and up-front work with the regulatory agency paid off. Black & Veatch’s effort to demonstrate the membrane disinfection concept and its follow-through with the required documentation for fast-track permit review facilitated the receipt of a construction permit in less than 30 days, helping to expedite the project’s schedule. By contrast, typical permitting efforts of this nature could normally take 3-6 months.

The new facility will include the application of GE Zenon membranes for wastewater treatment on industrial waste. The project also includes completion of the design and construction of the new treatment processes, including aeration basins, membrane tanks, membrane equipment building, owner-furnished membrane treatment system and ancillary equipment such as process air blowers, RAS/WAS pumps, and process controls to tie into the existing SCADA. In addition, the design features scalable elements that anticipate future demand for the company’s products.

The new facility will be delivered on a rapid schedule—approximately 12 months from preliminary design to substantial completion. Construction is being self-performed by Overland Contracting Inc. (OCI), a Black & Veatch company that provides construction services in the open and merit shop markets.

The project is currently on-budget and on-schedule, estimated for completion in August 2014.

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