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Lend Your Voice: Push for Legislation to Repair Our Water Systems


When was the last time you took the time to write a message to your local politician, addressing a topic near and dear to your heart?

Now is the time for us, as caring residents of our communities to stand for the organizations that we support. Now is the time to tell our elected representatives in Congress and the Government that it is time to pass legislation that supports funding, building and maintaining the nation’s water and wastewater infrastructure.

This Is Our Chance

We, as water industry professionals, know and understand the critical state of our communities’ water and sewers. And because of our statuses – working to provide service or support to this industry – as well as our knowledge, the onus is on us. We need to make our voices heard. This is our chance to reach out to our elected leaders, to push for the adoption of financial measures that will repair and rebuild the water and wastewater systems of our communities.

Next week the NACWA, AWWA, WEF and WDBC representatives will participate in a 2-day gathering on Capitol Hill to personally meet with congressional leaders and their staff to convey this message. As the lead organizer of this event, NACWA has developed a “Call to Action” package that will allow us to present our expertise professionally, as well as address the personal nature of this message.

Making a Difference

Making a difference is simple. I urge you to please take 20-30 minutes, use the sample provided, and participate in this effort. It is not only critical to protecting public health and providing needed resources, but may also well be essential to maintaining our professional positions and role in this industry. 

And it's simple: All you need to do is write or email your elected representatives and tell them that you support any (or all) of the following provisions in future legislation:

  • $1.45 billion for the Clean Water State Revolving Fund in FY16
  • $25 million for the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovations Act
  • $13 million to support Integrated Water Resources Planning in FY16
  • Full tax-exemption status for investments in municipal bonds
  • Funding research, development and demonstration projects in clean water innovation
  • Incentivizing greater private investment in clean water innovation
  • Supporting the use of collaborative delivery methods
  • Modernizing the Clean Water Act to address today's clean water challenges

The Importance of Your Voice

You may be asking, why is your voice meaningful?  And to this, I can speak personally. In order to enact the “Clean Water Act” of the 1970’s, many of us within the industry pursued this very type of “Call to Action” to enlighten congressional leaders, urging them to addressing and financially support the design and construction of our local water supply, wastewater treatment plants and collection systems.

We know from first-hand experience that the messages and reports produced by our industry organizations and the EPA about these current needs, as well as those of the future, make a difference. Since that time the industry has evolved significantly; this same task, through the use of technology and social sharing, should be more easily accomplished than ever. So let’s make this task a success. Let’s now support the efforts effectively organized to secure the new financing alternatives needed to design and rebuild the nation’s water and wastewater infrastructure.

This message, carried by your voice and mine, must be heard. Let’s do our part to back the efforts of these respected professional organizations we work with on a daily basis.  We can, with our voices, achieve the goal before us: It’s time to put into place the critical financial resources that our water supply, wastewater infrastructure collection systems require.

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