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The Most Valuable Assets Of Design-Build Projects

39225459_s_1From the Water Design-Build Council's 2015 research study of the lessons that executives and managers have learned from their design-build projects, the importance of communication, education and teamwork stood out from all others.

Within this theme, the participating utility/agency executives and project managers also believe that "peer-to-peer education" is a very valuable process to learn about design-build delivery methods. And, they are also willing to share information about their experiences with others.

From WDBC's own research came...

The Top 10 Recommendations of Utility/Agency Executives for a Successful Water Design-Build Project

  • Educate staff members about the delivery methods, and how to effectively manage design-build projects
  • Choose staff members who are fully engaged and committed to being a team and achieving a successful project
  • Clearly define the project goals and objectives before the procurement phase
  • Network and consult with other owners who have used design-build delivery in water/wastewater and other infrastructure projects for lessons learned
  • Determine the design-build delivery method that best suits the project’s ability to achieve the project drivers and characteristics
  • Get help from an independent consultant with design-build experience, often referred to as an “Owners Advisor”
  • Select a design-builder based on defined qualifications for the project
  • Conduct planning meetings to evaluate project cost, schedule, and risks and devise ways to manage identified project challenges
  • Consider pre-purchasing long-lead items to expedite project completion
  • Educate staff about the design-build procurement process and recognize that it takes time to implement best practices

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