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The Use of a Continuous, Real-Time Approach in Collaborative Projects

Posted by Dan Reynolds, Vice President and COO, The Walsh Group on Thu, Jun 16, 2016 @ 08:30 AM

cmar-approach-design-build.jpgIn design-build delivery, the construction management at-risk (CMAR) firm’s ability to provide real-time services in an integrated and collaborative environment, is key to delivering the project on a reliable schedule and with a higher level of assurance of meeting the GMP during preconstruction services.

Use of a continuous, real-time approach to developing a GMP is based on a process that is founded with historical benchmarks, established from actual selfperform experience, as well as consistent collaboration with the design professional.

Equipped with the knowledge gained from past projects, the CMAR project team is able to constantly provide accurate insights into constructability and value engineering. This approach not only assists in cost savings and value added, but effectively results in an accurate construction schedule, while driving a high degree of safety and quality.  

The process incorporates countless lessons learned and has been developed and refined through more than 50 CMAR, progressive and design-build water sector projects.  Conversely, through traditional preconstruction methods, owners and designers typically experience a fragmented methodology. This leads to reactionary decision making, wasted effort on redesign and, ultimately, unpredictable results with less value added and lower assurance of meeting the GMP. 

By providing continuous feedback on the design progression, the team is focused on the enhancing the project value, while maintaining the owner’s vision for the project. 

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