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Top Construction Management at-Risk Insights from 2016

49671282_s.jpgThis week’s blog recap focuses on construction management at-risk. If you’re not familiar with this collaborative delivery method, or afraid that it might not work for your projects, take some time to explore these blogs, as well as others on the WDBC website, and see for yourself how this delivery method can be to your benefit. 

In the CMAR delivery method, an owner retains an engineering firm and a CMAR firm under two separate contracts; one for design and one for construction. CMAR project delivery is most often chosen when the owner wants to capture some of the benefits of design-build delivery, while maintaining direct control of project definition and design.

Dealing with the uncertainties of how to implement a collaborative delivery project and the possibility of losing some control over the design and construction phases are valid concerns for any owner. Mutual trust, transparency, and the fair and equitable allocation of risk are the foundations of collaborative delivery.

Read on to see how employing these best practices can set your project up for success.

Collaborative Delivery: Contracts And Contracting Best Practices

By John Giachino, Director of Client Services, PC Construction

This is the second in a series of three blogs about employing best practices in collaborative delivery methods such as design-build and Construction Management At-Risk (CMAR).

When faithfully applied, these best practices provide superior project results. Today’s blog will focus on contracts and contracting best practices. ...


What Is Construction Management At-Risk?

By John Awezec, HDR Integrated Delivery Director, WDBC Board Member

Throughout the North America’s design-build industry, there are a number of project delivery models that are successfully used for the design, construction and operation of water and water reclamation facilities. 

These models include design-bid-build (DBB), progressive and fixed-price design-build (DB), construction management-at-risk (CMAR) design-build-operate (DBO), design-build finance-operate (DBFO) and design-build-own-operate-transfer (DBOOT), and design/construction management at-risk (D/CMAR),  In this context, use of the D/CMAR term specifically notes the designer link to the CMAR in the same way the designer is linked to the builder in Design-Build. ...


The Principles of Open-Book Pricing

By Leofwin Clark, WDBC President and Brown and Caldwell Vice President

Several of our industry’s best collaborative-delivery methods— namely construction management at-risk (CMAR) and progressive design-build — rely on an open-book process for developing cost and pricing during preconstruction.

This process is used to achieve an agreed-upon costand, then, a price for the construction effort to proceed. In turn, the price is typically implemented either as a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) or a fixed-price contract provision during construction of the project. ...




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