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Top Design-Build Insights from 2016

water-design-build-insights.jpgThe Water Design-Build Council’s namesake is at the center of this week’s blog recap. Design-build is a delivery method in which an owner enters into a single contract with a design-builder to design, permit, construct, test, and commission a project.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not just the large projects that use or can benefit from design-build delivery methods. The key is education.

By educating decision-makers on the best practices of collaborative delivery and providing resources to owners on risk allocation strategies, both large and small projects will be successful design-build models.

The WDBC has many available resources to help this process, such as owner’s advisors, industry feedback, and our Handbook. Read on to see how some of our industry members have discovered the value of collaborative design-build methods.

Design-Build in the Industrial Sector

Edward D. Wetzel, Ph.D., PE Principal, Wetzel Consulting, LLC Director at Large, WDBC

As we observe the growth of design-build as a project delivery method in the municipal water market, I am reminded that our industry was a late adopter of collaborative delivery.

In those early days of delivery method evaluation, some of us would point to the success achieved in the industrial markets using design-build as a reason to consider “alternative project delivery” in the design-bid-build world of water. But what is the reality of the industrial design-build market? ...


How Much Risk Should an Owner Transfer to a Design-Build Firm on Their Project?

Ryan Irwin, Business Developer, North America Water Design-Build, AECOM and Scott Thibault, Vice President, North America Water Design Build, AECOM

One of the benefits of collaborative project delivery is that it allows owners to transfer risks to the design-builder that they would normally have to retain in a standard design-bid-build project delivery framework; however, owners should resist the temptation to divest themselves of all project risk and transfer everything to the design-builder.

Rather, owners should carefully weigh the cost/benefit of risk transference and develop a project risk allocation strategy. ...


Design-Build Delivery: Not Just for 'Big' Water Projects

Linda Hanifin Bonner, Ph.D, Executive Operations Manager of Water Design-Build Council

Quite often, many of the examples of publicized projects about design-build delivery are larger projects – which is not always an accurate representation of what is going on in the industry.

For instance, a few months ago, I was partaking in my normal perusing of Google alerts for online items relating to projects in the water sector, when I spotted an intriguing newspaper headline from a small Ohio village. ...



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