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What's the Value of Water?

value_of_waterOur esteemed colleagues at the Value of Water Coalition just unveiled a new educational campaign and toolkit: What's the Value of Water? The campaign hopes to bring recognition to water, one of the world's most precious, yet often taken for granted, resources.

We at Water Design-Build Council also support these efforts to raise awareness of the importance of this valuable resource, by continuing to push for legislation and/or funding to replace and improve the infrastructure. Yet, still, water and its infrastructure are critically undervalued. Help the Value of Water Coalition accomplish this mission by sharing their new What's the Value of Water? toolkit, available for free to any organization that strives to raise awareness about the importance of investing in water, the water infrastructure, and its water resources.

Says Radhika Fox, Director of the Value of Water Coalition and President of the U.S. Water Alliance:

"The Value of Water Coalition is proud that we created these beautiful and functional educational materials to help organizations around the country educate and engage people about the true value of water... It was an amazing process of collaboration among the 30 members of our Coalition. We have some of the top leaders in water engaged in our Coalition, and this toolkit brings together decades of expertise in how to effectively communicate the value of water." 

Says David LaFrance, CEO of the American Water Works Association: 

"It's imperative that we recognize the value of water in so many facets of our daily lives... Water is the world's most important resource, and the systems that clean it, bring it to our homes, and return it to the environment are critical to our communities. Our lives, our economy, our public safety are severely impacted if we lose access to water service even for a day

Says Eileen O'Neill, Executive Director of the Water Environment Federation:

"Our water resources are being stressed more than ever, but it can be challenging to communicate this in ways that we can all relate to. Sometimes the most impactful message about water is the simplest one. What would it be like to live a day without it?"

The What's the Value of Water? Toolkit

This toolkit contains billboards, outdoor advertisements, print advertisements, fact sheets, shareable social media graphics and more, and is available to any organization that wishes to educate and engage people a bout the value of water. If you are interested, you can download the toolkit on the Value of Water coalition website. 

Water is a critically undervalued resource; Please help raise awareness of this critical issue. 


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