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Why Use Local Businesses in Collaborative Delivery Projects?

51230881_s.jpgIn working on water infrastructure projects in the collaborative delivery industry, it is important to understand the value of involving local businesses.  

When a design-build firm begins a project in a new locality that may not be within their normal geographic area, there are not only differences to be encountered, but more importantly, there are fabulous opportunities.

These opportunities involve meeting and engaging with local businesses to participate within the area’s project. Meeting with the local businesses early on to become acquainted with their services and expertise provides tremendous benefits toward building a successful, collaborative project team.

Local firms add value to the collaborative delivery process in multiple ways.  Their knowledge of the owner’s expectations, values, and ways of conducting business provides valuable insight into how to make that project meet the owner’s expressed expectations.

Including local businesses in the proposal strengthens the design-build firm’s resources, as every owner has relationships with preferred companies for various materials, supplies, and related projects.  Including these local enterprises in the design-build proposal further builds the owner’s trust and confidence in the overall team’s ability to accomplish a successful project.

There is another important advantage to establishing these new working relationships – one of economic benefits to the municipality. Using local businesses, which employ local residents, demonstrates to the owner the genuine goal of contributing a positive economic impact within the area. This practice ensures that a portion of the project’s funds designated by the owner for those particular trades or materials is returned back to the local economy.

Using local businesses in your collaborative delivery project results in a multitude of benefits for the design-build team, the owner’s project, and the surrounding community. It’s a “win-win” for all.


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