Ion Exchange Resin Plant and East Water Treatment Plant Improvements (FL)

City of Boynton Beach

CDM Smith Inc.

Progressive Design-Build


PlantThe coastal city of Boynton Beach expects to grow to upwards of 140,000 customers by 2035. With much of that growth occurring along the waterfront, coastal aquifers are unable to provide the needed water supply without risking saltwater intrusion. As a result, innovative water system upgrades were required to help the city continue to thrive.

Boynton Beach partnered with the design-build firm of CDM Constructors Inc., wholly owned subsidiary to CDM Smith Inc., as the prime contractor, engineer, and design-builder, along with its integral subcontractor, Carollo Design-Build Group, a general partnership developed between Carollo Engineers and PCL Construction to deliver progressive design-build projects, to build the largest and most modern MIEX treatment plant constructed in the world. 


Download the Water Design-Build Council's project spotlight to learn more about this project, including: 

  • Why the City of Boynton Beach chose PDB delivery
  • The creative solution to provide long-term potable water
  • How significant savings in capital costs and energy usage were achieved

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