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Water Design-Build Council
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WDBC E-NEWS – September 15, 2016


Coming back from vacation results in email overload. We don’t want to inundate you, but here are some of the important education messages you might have missed.

Issue Highlights

  • New CMAR Procurement Guide – includes templates for an RFQ and RFP

  • Updates to the Progressive Design-Build Procurement Guide

  • Updates to the WDBC Project Map – search for projects similar to the one you are considering

New CMAR Procurement Guide - RFQ and RFP templates

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: WDBC released new procurement guides for Construction Management At-Risk projects available exclusively for download to WDBC members and owners. 

This is a practical step-by-step guide in which to procure the services of CMAR firms for water and wastewater infrastructure projects.

CMAR is a collaborative project-delivery method in which the owner contracts with two separate firms: An engineering firm to design the project, and a separate CMAR firm that will act as construction manager and general contractor. Choosing CMAR delivery enables an owner to select a general contractor CMAR firm based primarily on qualifications. 

WDBC members and owners are welcome to download the Procurement Guide as a model for use in the two-step CMAR Procurement Method. Owners are encouraged to use this Guide and adapt the model documents for their own needs – and share this information with others. 

This is one of many initiatives furthering the education component of the WDBC.

Download Now >>

Updates to the PDB Procurement Guide

Updates to the WDBC Progressive Design-Build Procurement Guide for Water and Wastewater Projects are now available to WDBC Owners and Members. Based on changes that have occurred within the industry since the original documents were issued over two years ago, these updates are intended to keep the users of PDB delivery current with state and local regulations. WDBC's purpose in producing the PDB Procurement Guide is to provide guidance and a template for use by utility and agency owners who want to use this delivery method for their water and wastewater projects. Since its initial 2014 publishing, the WDBC PDB Procurement Guide continues to be the most widely-used resource by owners today - primarily because it receives ongoing legal and technical evaluation by industry members who are subject to participating in the procurement process.

The PDB Guide, provided at no cost to owners and members, is a template that continues to be in high demand – reflecting the increase in use throughout the water sector.  These updates are available by contacting the WDBC office by phone at 410-798-0842 or email at

Updates to the WDBC Project Map 

Ever wonder if there is another project like yours that used a design-build or CMAR delivery method? Do you know where to go to find out? Check out the WDBC Project Map section on the website – where you can search by state, type of project and even member firm to learn more about similar projects.

In addition, would you like to confer with another owner or manager about their experiences? COMING SOON: The WDBC Owners Forum.

Here you will be able to pose questions, offer experience and exchange needed information.



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