Fixed-Price Design-Build Procurement Guide

Produced by the WDBC Technical Practices Committee, the Fixed-Price Design-Build Procurement Guide is intended to assist owners in developing request for qualifications (RFQ) and request for proposals (RFP) procurement documents for water and wastewater projects using design-build and construction management at-risk delivery methods. They are structured so that owners can insert their own specific information instead of starting from scratch. This guide is currently only available to municipal water/wastewater facility owners, regulatory agencies, and WDBC member and advisor firms.

This 8-section procurement guide includes:

  • Fixed-Price Design-Build Procurement Documents
  • The Fixed-Price Design-Build (FPDB) Delivery Model
  • Key Considerations with Fixed-Price Procurement

  • Required Content of Submissions

  • Evaluation Criteria and Scoring Methodology

  • The Fixed-Price Design-Build Contract

  • Definitions

  • Sample Fixed-Price Design-Build Term Sheet

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