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WDBC E-NEWS – January 24, 2017



Issue Highlights

  • Happy New Year - John Doller, WDBC President

  • WDBC/DBIA Progressive Design-Build Agreement - Now Available!

  • Start 2017 Right - 4th Edition Water/Wastewater Design-Build Delivery Handbook & Education Sessions

  • Moore's Law and Design-Build Delivery

Message from WDBC President - John Doller, Carollo EngineersJohn Doller.jpg

Happy New Year to all industry members from the WDBC Board of Directors. It is an honor to have been elected to the position of president for 2017, and I look forward to working with you. As you have observed over the past year, WDBC’s mission has been to support industry practitioners with education and knowledge about the best practices in which to pursue a project using a collaborative delivery approach. Going forward in 2017, we anticipate another exciting year.

This start begins with the publication of our ongoing research study focused on providing insights into the increased use of collaborative delivery in the water industry. We are also looking forward to producing two additional procurement guides: one for fixed-price design-build and the second for Owner’s Advisor services. In addition, we will maintain  our focus on outreach through the continued use of our education sessions to provide deeper insights into the collaborative approach to project delivery.

The Water Design-Build Council has played a major role in the growth and evolution of collaborative project delivery methods in the water industry. The efforts of the WDBC have not only improved our industry’s understanding of D/B best practices and applicability, but also promoted stronger and more collaborative partnerships between owners, designers, and contractors. Carollo is proud to be a part of the WDBC, and we look forward to our continued involvement.

WDBC /DBIA Progressive Design-Build Agreement – NOW AVAILABLE!

Last week, DBIA announced the availability of the long-awaited Progressive Design-Build Agreement.  This document, developed by the WDBC and collaboratively produced with DBIA, provides a template for owners and industry practitioners in the water sector to use in defining the contractual details between owners and design-builders for successful completion of water infrastructure projects. The PDB Agreement conveys industry best practices for a collaborative process – thus eliminating the need to search for a document to fit their project.  As Mark Alpert, WDBC’s Executive Director, states:

"It's vital that owners and practitioners have access to top quality information on the many innovative ways that help contract and deliver successful projects on time and on budget. The water industry has long embraced progressive design-build and after years of experience we have many lessons learned to share. This collaboration with DBIA has allowed two leaders in the industry to combine forces and produce a standard form of agreement which will be immensely valuable to owners, designers, and contractors."

The PDB Agreement is being added to the DBIA library of contracts and is now available in DBIA's online bookstore

In addition, WDBC’s Progressive Design-Build Procurement Guide and Construction Management-at-Risk (CMAR) Procurement Guide continue to be in high demand. This spring, WDBC will produce its third guide in this series on Fixed-Price Procurement, with one on the Owner’s Advisor role to follow. 

Education Opportunities for Design-Build Delivery 

Education about design-build delivery is a hot topic – especially for those in the water sector. WDBC is currently scheduling its 2017 education sessions – which use the newly produced Water and Wastewater Design-Build Delivery Handbook as its core resource. Please click below to inquire about scheduling a session.  More to come in our issue next week.

                                                                                                   Learn More >>

Design-Build Delivery and "Moore's Law"

If you’re using a computer to read this, you’ve probably heard of Moore’s Law. It’s the 1965 hypothesis by the co-founder of Intel, Gordon Moore, that computing power doubles every year or two. History has shown this projection to be largely accurate and the impact on our society has been profound.

What does Moore’s Law have to do with design-build, which is, after all, all about bricks-and-mortar? 

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