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World Water Day 2017

The Water Design-Build Council joins in the recognition of UN-Water’s 2017 World Water Day theme – “Wastewater” and its designated campaign for the year focusing on “WHY WASTE WATER?” Read the fact sheet to learn more.

The world of water affects all of us in both our personal and professional lives, and we must never lose sight of the continuing need to protect and enhance this valuable resource. While today is a reminder that we can never abandon our advocacy for reducing the amount of water being used – it is also a plea for the constant need to find solutions that can supplement this limited commodity by reusing wastewater through various approaches.

WDBC members are engaged daily in providing technical solutions to utilities and agencies so that we will not waste this valuable resource.

The design-build delivery models used by industry practitioners promote the best practices to integrate innovations for managing water use and generating acceptable reuse solutions.

The best practices of design-build delivery focus on the collaborative role needed among water suppliers, the public, and industry practitioners in reducing wasted water while generating new energy resources from waste products.

Over the years, technology has also increased our capabilities to save fresh water supplies and safely reuse and desalinate sea water to expand our capabilities. Two notable design-build projects – the Carlsbad Desalination Project in San Diego, CA, and the San Antonio Water System Aquifer (deep-well) Replenishment - are examples of these ongoing achievements by WDBC member firms.

It is very clear that in 2017 this topic needs to be elevated to a greater level – one of repair and replacement of the water infrastructure - in order to reduce the waste of vital supplies. There’s been a lot of news talk in the industry about the massive cost to address the water infrastructure and the need to get this accomplished. Unlike bridges and roads, the water infrastructure is underground, and only becomes visible to the public when a pipeline breaks and an area is denied water, or a major incident occurs at a wastewater treatment plant. While funding sources exist to get these projects accomplished, they are significantly limited. World Water Day’s query: “Why Waste Water?” is therefore even more crucial and needs our support.

A special message from WDBC Advisor Member Roy Epps conveys an industry perspective on this role.

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Have you registered for the 2017 Design-Build for Water/Wastewater conference in Minneapolis, MN? Come learn more about ways to “NOT” Waste Water – by using design-build delivery methods!

Visit WDBC members at our booth #528.

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Established in 2006, the Water Design-Build Council is a not-for-profit organization providing education on the best practices in collaborative project delivery to the water/wastewater sector through research and through leadership.

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